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New TCC Messenger Available

To upload a document:
Click My Uploads  on the left side of the Editor.
Click Docs.
Click Upload Docs.
Choose your file(s) from your computer.
Click Open.
(Optional) Select the file and click Add to Page to add it to your site.

Suggestions for TCC site


- Use no more than two fonts (one serif and one sans serif), relying for variety on the versions within each font (ital, bold, etc). Avoid shaded or outlined fonts. Use the same fonts in the same way throughout the site to brand the site as TCC and make information easier to locate.


- Use only dark type against a white or very light background. Avoid/minimize white or yellow type on a black/dark background. Especially avoid white or light type on a light background; for example, the menu elements under each top tab, with white type on yellow background, are hard to read. The "May Newsletter Now Available" callout is hard to read. On a computer screen that callout is directly underneath the "Newsletter" tab and seems unnecessary. On the phone screen, the callout is almost the first thing one sees—a user would have the expectation that it would link to a newsletter but it is not a link.


- Use color consistently and conservatively; use the same colors on each page and in the same manner to brand the site. Try to use two colors max. Use the same background color (white) throughout columns and pages.


- Limit the number of top tabs to 6-8. There are 12 top tabs on TCC site, plus additional side columns on either side of the space in which top tabs begin and end. The result is that the site is very wide and not very deep. Some of the items that are now independent tabs could be aggregated under one tab. Could the two outside columns be eliminated somehow?


- Avoid animated text elements.


- Audio versions of sermons should be easy to access, with minimal clicks, say to a link.


- Use clip art sparingly, if at all.


- Minimize the number of callouts and other elements on each page. Keep each page visually simple so the user can discern the most important information.

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