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Tucker Christian Church


Tucker Christian Church met for the first time on April 22, 1956, in the home of Mary (Forrester) Brooks at 2469 Pine Lake Place, Tucker, Georgia. Those present for this first service were: Bobby and Becky Fuller; Gene and Mary Hartsell; Bobby James; Sue Ashworth (pianist); Curtis and Mildred Stephens; and Sam and Mary Brooks. As a guest speaker, Bobby James, a student from Atlanta Christian College, preached the first sermon from a homemade rostrum and the hymnals used were donated by the Corinth Christian Church of Loganville Georgia. From these humble beginnings, the groundwork for a New Testament Christian Church in Tucker was formed. TCC is proud to be a part of the Restoration Movement which seeks to restore the Church as revealed in the New Testament.

In the following months, the Church met for worship at the Tucker Women's Club and in the basement of Tucker Federal Savings and Loan. It was in 1957 that Mildred Stephens and Mary Brooks made the $100 down payment on the property at 4141 Bancroft Circle. The Church built there and remained until their present buildings and property, located at 4291 Lynburn Drive, were purchased in April 1975. 

Over the years, despite some difficult times, Tucker Christian Church has grown to become a strong and vibrant congregation. For her first nineteen years (from 1956 to 1975) the congregation was served by the following Ministers: Bobby Fuller, Hugh Bradley, Charles Pate, Kent Allen, Bob Badgett and Ray Nix. Keith Bunn faithfully served as Senior Minister from 1975 until his death in December 10, 2007. Following a series of short term and interim ministers, Mike Grooms became TCC's Senior Minister in March 2011 until his death in September 13, 2016. Rob Morton bacame Minister April 1, 2017.

Reaching youth for Christ has always been a strong priority for TCC, and as a result, some very gifted Youth Ministers have been brought on staff over the years. Their names are: Richard Hicks, Lee Amos, Kevin Bauer, Randy Smith, Billy Murphy, Jay Akin, John Bush, Woody Bowen, J. R. Hengehold and Erich Thomas.

This church has been blessed with a deep, rich heritage. Over the years, the hand of God has always been wondrously evident leading, guiding, and sustaining the Church to do His will. We praise God for the countless victories that have already been won in the lives of precious people, and we confidently look toward the future knowing that without God we can do nothing, but with Him "all things are possible!" With God - we believe our best days are yet to come!

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